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cutie pie...score!

Forecast for July 29, 2005:
"Well, who is that coming out of the pool just dripping with cutie-pie appeal? You, that's who! And darned if a whole lot of hotties aren't noticing! You are one cute cutie-pie!" (taurus horoscope)

one cutie pie ehy? score. i saw alba at the gym today. i sat with her cause we didnt wanna work out. were fucking fatties. alba:"why do you come to the gym your not even fat" hahaha i guess the gym is only for fatties now? well that sucks. not in regards to wut alba said. i saw jen. yup she found out i worked, which till now i dont rember ever telling her that i did? intresting? its all good though. anyways alba left so i was a loner. i decided to go on the treadmill. i was on for like 7 minutes. and than i was like fuck it im going home. i streched and went home. than i talked to the drum major at bosco. yay im gonna be assitant drum major. im also thinking of joing cheer? or yell whatever...should i? hmmmmmm nah... but the girls are pretty hot...not that im doing it for that. yay school is gonna start soon. ugh im tired of being home i wanan go back already. see all my friends, BE A JUNIOR, gah its gonna go by so fast!

my horoscopes arent looking to good. i have to reestablish friendships with people who im not to certain i want to. kne says i need to talk to alll of my ex's ad let them know how i feel. this is gonna be a toughie!!!!!! im up for the challenge though...i hope? i need someone to help me from pussying out! JULIE!!!!!!!!! please? <3
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