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yes, im working tom. at cerritos

i didnt go to swim practice today. i went to bosco. to get the transfer paper and such. i was disapointed when 3 of my teachers came up to me and gave me big hugs and told me they were gonna miss me. they told my mom how good of a student i was and how i was trully an assset to the school. well of course i am. i have an overall gpa of 3.8 im like the number one trumpet player bosco has seen since carmona left. i did drama. i did track. i did morning announcements for a while. i was constantly busy in some of the ops that were planned.

anyways it was wierd coming to bosco and leaving thinking im never coming back here. yeah really emo. anyways i went runing afterwards actualy for like 10 minutes. i got sleepy so i came home and slept till like 1 ish ans htan heded to work.

work was so much fun me and ashley made samples and went to starbucks and sat there cause we were tired of working even though there was nothing to do. anywyas we got yelled at and were told to o somewhere else to werve samples. hahaha jealous they were.

anyways i better go to sleep now caus eswim practice is now at 6 in the morning cause were running on the beach and afterwards we have the option to booige board or lay out or the most logical thing...swim.

i also have to close tommorow. omg i cant believe im gonna have to close tommorow. im so excited ill be at the mall working even after the mall is closed haha suckers! not really i get off like at 10. i told my ex to pick me up.hmmmm bad idea. im gonan call them back and anout no?

no natly if i put ex-ex-ex that sounds to cocky...lets just leave it at ex..k?
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