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holy fuck i was late to swim practice. omg coach was pms-ing over like 20 minutes. he made me clean the pool top after practice to make up for the tardiness. which sucked cause the guys invited me to breakfast. they probably didnt have gas and they had me.

anyways after swim i had to go work. im officaily "july" my name tag says july not julio but july. omg we were so bored cause it was slow so we started acting wankstas. haahaha we all gave each other gangsta names. we had shaniqua as ashley nowayjay as stephanie and i as pimp daddy j-funk.

hahaha it was totally fun! hahah than al started juggling lemons. hahaha. omg i broke fred! i was dipping dogs and stephanies precious weiner broke. of course we gave fred a proper barrial even after i decapitated him.

omg i love my co-workers! theyre like the bestest. anywho after that i went back home quick caus eit was scene guys night out! yup yup for those of you who dont know what scene means

1. Scene Kid
A person (usually a teenager) who defines his or her life based on the ideal immage of a certain social scene (most commonly the 'punk rock' or 'goth' scene) these people generally seem to be rich white kids from good homes who can acctually afford all their scene (ie: hot topic) clothing and accesories.

"blah blah blah I'm rich, white, and have every opportunity in the world ahead of me. I'm going to go slit my wrists, listen to loud music and draw anarchy symbols on my $5,000 guitar that I dont know how to play. Man am I ever hardcore."

hehehehe anyways like omg guys i got to see the ALL AMERICAN REJECTS! arent u guys like jealous!!!! it was so tight. afterwards the guys thought IN-N-OUT and thats just wut we did. we went to the on by st josephs.

we ate in my car. it was rad. hahha i also amthe owner of a great voisemessage. oh yeah i also have a new member to my life the t-mobile sidekick. yeah ive been using that thing like crazy. i can check mymyspace at whatever time id like.

hahah anyways now im home wriitng in my journal like the typical emo fag. hahha omg burn! do u need some ice for that burn (inside joke)

yay im going to the bloc party concert on september 20th...can u say making out with hot random people!...well i sure can... cause thats wut whores do cuh!
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