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love in the wrong places

damn my morning sucked ass!!!! i went to swim pratice and i saw that coach had a look on his face of rage. someone told him of the activities we performed yestrday and coach was furious! the first thing he said was put on some shorts and shoes. he got out his bike and said "follow and no one stays behind".

we ran from 8-12 it was fucking crazy we went through every street in long beach. LITERALLY it was so brutal. of course we got time to rehydrate but still i think i finally shed some unwanted fat. coach was silent the whole time and he said he wanted not a single sound from our mouths.

it was crazy. long beach is so huge when ur on feet. i was so sore when we came back. coach said i hope you guys have leanred ur lessons and i hope you children come with a mature attitude come monday. i didnt even drive home afterwards. i took a nap for like 15 minutes cause i didnt wanna drive all tired.

i deicded to stop by savons to get some mineral water. i bought 6 and drink them all. i was so dehydrated. this is by far the most brutal punishment ever.

anywho i got home and napped untill 4 when my friends called to tell me to go to downtown disney so we can go to the house of blues and hang out. we were gonna meet over there at 6 so i decided to shower and get ready. i slipped on some jeans a nice blue abercrombie shirt, some shades, and slip ons.

i cheked out the scene tonight at downtown. bunch of 8th graders; love in the wrong places. nobody hot, well a few indviduals. we jsut walked around and went into dinseylans to ride a few rides. it was croweded today. we got on only one ride. the teacups. we ate at rainforets and didnt stop by the house of blues. which was our original plan.

anywho now im back from downtown and i wanna go clubbin. im gonan go to a club called CLUB ONE SEVEN. it should be fun. hit me up if u wanna come along
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