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i'm an OuTlaW...dun uh dun uh

i woke up this morning. well duh. uhm i got up cause i had to go to swim practice.

swim pratice was suprisngly fun. we had no coach! hahah we played marco polo. it was fun. until they deicded to inttiate me as "an official frat boy". uhm they made me run around the pool. naked. they than told me to extract a foreign "liquid" and write on coache's office window. "like me"

i went into the stall and was about to begin the process when i heard them lauging and than it faded. so i stepped out. the bitches took my duffle bag. and left me with a sweatshirt that had a cheap imprint "delta iota kappa" a.k.a D.I.K. fortunataly they ddnt knoe i had to work today; i left my work clothes in my car.

i headed of to work and saw stephanie openins up. it was evident she was late. haha i started working at 9:55. i made lemonade. haha i like making lemonade. buisness was slow so we deiceded to all kick back. we started tlaking about the real world austin. who's how who's not. than we talked about the other real worlds.

hahah it was great. me and my co workers talking about mtv. hot people. being hot ourselves. hahaha. im starting ot get real confortable with these girls. im gonna miss them when i leave. theyre all great!

anywho i went to disneyland after that. well duh. i live at disneyland. hahaha the people at the tower of terror now noe me by name. hahaha i only went to disneyland today for one reason only hello goodbye ♥

they were sold out! those sons of a bitches. oh well. maybe tommorow cause theyre playing at the knitting factory. the only thing is the p-units
oh god the p-units suck. oh and the shirts for g-day have been officialy designed.

ok well right now im just myspacin meeting new people and drinking a frap. woohoo!
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